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Healing Begins Here

Past physical and emotional traumas often manifest in the body's chakra system as energy blockages.  These blockages can result in physical or emotional pain, feeling stuck or indecisive impacting your health and well being.  I work closely with your healing guides to remove these blockages thus allowing healing to occur.

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Our Services

Soul Trauma Healing 

During your 75 minute session with a certified soul trauma healer we work with your healing guides by identifying and clearing blockages in your chakra (energy centers).  During a session your guides provide pertinent information to aide in your healing.  We may explore a past or parallel life as well as how it may be impacting your current emotional, physical or even spiritual health.    All sessions done remotely and are both informative as well as insightful.  

$175.00/ 75 minute session

Remove Energetic Blockages to Your Life Path

During your 75 minute session with the help of high vibrational Angelic teachers, masters and healers of the Light, I remove blockages that can or have caused your life to become stuck or mired in inertia, while channeling messages to help you understand how best to advance on your life path and accomplish your earth mission.    The information channeled is very specific to one's soul mission and purpose and enables you to gain powerful insight to help you keep moving ahead.


$175/ 75 minute session

Traditional Reiki 

Our bodies have an innate and natural ability to heal itself.  The energy that constantly flows through you helps to support a state of wellness.  However, from time to time, we may experience energy blockages and our bodies may need help.  During a reiki session, I direct focused and intentional healing energies of light and love to these challenged areas to stimulate healing to take place naturally.  As there are no boundaries of time, distance or space in energy work, healing can occur no matter where you are.   Suitable for people as well as animals in need. 

$75/ 45 minutes session


Spiritual & Life Coaching Session

Whether you are newly awakened or awakening and trying to find your life's purpose, or a veteran lightworker feeling a bit stuck, or at a crossroads, I offer spiritual-based mentorship to help you better navigate these rapidly changing times of higher consciousness. 

$175/ 60 minute coaching session


Remove Chakra Blockages 

During your session we will go over the chakra system, I will check for any blockages, energetically assist you in removing

them and give you pointers for keeping them unblocked and healthy for a more balanced life.  

$125/ 50 minute session

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