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For the keiki: “Pono or Divine Right Balance means to live in harmony with everything. How might you do this, too?”

To live Pono means to live in perfect balance and alignment with All That Is. From this higher perspective, you become capable of perceiving the world the way it was meant to be and your role in it. The angels and guides want you at this time to understand that the most important and critical aspect of living pono, is to understand that you are a spark of Source, All That Is. You, just as you are, are of divine origin, as are all.

When you can appreciate this of yourself, you can then appreciate it of everyone around you, too. But know that this is not just an intellectual exercise. Rather, the angels and guides wish you to understand it is a space you will come to occupy naturally the more you can expand your consciousness and bask in the higher frequencies. They now task you with taking up the mantle to perceive this truth, whether through meditation or prayer or being in service to others. For they see you from this higher perspective. When you can see yourself as the angels and guides do, you will recognize the same truth all around you, including the land or 'āina. Hence to live Pono, in alignment with the universal divine. This is a most important point.

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