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A Message to LightWorkers about Utilizing the Energies

There are many different light workers here on the earth plane to bring Light.  Some are here to create, thereby inspiring still others to create, others are here to help anchor the higher energies even more so at this time, still others are here with the ability to transmute energies with their alchemical abilities, and still others are here to bring awareness as messengers, be it through channeling or bringing information, guidance and wisdom through from the higher planes of consciousness.

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What type of role we play is largely defined by who we are, where we are from at the soul level, and the energies and collectives we channel.  These collectives may in part consist of other iterations of ourselves, be it our galactic ET or celestial or light being selves.  But contrary to what some have been sharing, they are not all us but rather part of the myriad angelic, celestial, Galactic ET, and light beings working with and assisting us in agreement with our higher selves.

Given the chaos many of us are witnessing around us, those of us on the earth plane who work with energy, and whose nature is one of an alchemist, this message from the collective I work with that I received this morning is particularly for you.   Here it is:

“The best is yet to come.  More light is enfolding and encircling the earth to aid humanity’s ascension as you rise in vibration with the Earth.  Some will choose to ride along with Gaia.  Others, especially those resisting these higher frequencies pouring in, will find it more and more challenging to continue on the paths they have chosen.  Others, by virtue of their soul contracts will chose to leave.

Your role as boots on the ground is to bring more Light.  Anchor Light. Create more Light.  We wish you to know that those with lower vibrational intentions whom have been quite busy of late do not have a lock on even those energies that you might perceive as negative.  Thus, once the energy is pushed out there, your abilities of alchemy allow you to use it for light.  To transmute it for light. And to bring even more light.  Those using the energies to bring harm and chaos work with nonphysical beings in the 4th dimensional plane. But know that even those beings do not have a “lock” on the very energies they use for their own selfish service-to-self purposes.  We tell you this so that you begin to view even “those” energies utilized to bring harm or destruction to the earth plane as energies you can use to bring even more Light.  Through your abilities as alchemists who work with energies, you have the ability to transmute energy for the purpose of bringing more light.  We ask that you do this now and inform other energy Light workers of the alchemical nature of their abilities. While this information may not be new, some of you have forgotten what you came here to do and all that you are capable of.

As an example the hurricane barreling down on Florida.  These energies have great destructive power as witnessed in times last.  But this energy is the same energy that builds worlds which  flows through all of you.  It is in fact the energy that creates worlds. By standing in your own light, you, with your intention alone, can utilize and transmute these same energies others perceive as destructive to clear the earth plane and restore balance.  To vivify the land, the oceans, humanity and all life.  Do you see how powerful you are?

A lot of your military are up to no good.  While many have been led to believe they are your protectors, this is not the case.  They are in fact at the highest levels using this perception as cover to cause harm and create havoc by working with those who inhabit the lower vibrational planes.  This has been done by them behind closed doors to modify the weather, cause and create devastating storms and climatic conditions, spread pestilence and diseases by spraying your skies and using weapons of a biological nature as well as directed energy weapons.  Know that this and they are all being fully cleared now.

As boots on the ground you are helping this to occur.  This is why we say use your intention to utilize the energies available to you, to its fullest.  The Earth is also doing so. Those in the as yet unseen realms are doing so.  The Light has already won.  Gaia and humanity are ascending. You are far more powerful than any lower vibrational energies and entities out there.  This is because the Light you represent and carry within you is inexhaustible.  Know that you are the Light! And you are powerful.

Be well! Stay in the higher planes!

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