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Reclaiming Your Life with just “Being”rather than “Doing”

I recently began seriously writing and taking up other fun projects again after an 8 year long dry spell. This is even though writing has always been my passion.  I’ve been crafting novels and stories (mostly for my own amusement and that of friends) since I was twelve.  In the interim of growing up, going to school, launching my career, my life had become so busy and bogged down with work and other obligations that I allowed my true passion to take a back seat.  Big mistake.  But I just didn’t have the luxury of time.  As my law practice grew and I had more staff and clients who relied on me, I became immersed in a world where other people’s agendas took over.

“I am a writer.”

I have always loved world building. As a child I was in my head a lot, creating fantasies and people and imagining them in all sorts of entanglements and relationships.  They were very real to me because I had created them.  Growing up with five brothers and sisters, all but one of us close in age, in a 900 sq foot home with only 1 bathroom, life was hectic and chaotic.  Writing was my big escape when I wasn’t out playing with Barbies or riding bike with a neighborhood friend.

Fast forward to when I was busiest due to work obligations and building up my law practice. What had previously helped me navigate the world and soothed my soul fell to the wayside and I was only able to manage writing here and there.  There just never seemed to be any time for doing what I loved most.  And exhausted as I was, I had few brain cells left at the end of the day to do much else. To stay connected with writing, I managed to take writing classes here and there, joined online writing groups and shared my work.  Somehow I was able to publish two historical romance soul mate novels during this time.  But that was it. Nada. Zippo. I only wrote occasionally. Yet writing is my true passion and I believe it is one of the many wonderful things I am here to do on the earth plane to reach others.

“Writing is also my way of playing.”

Writing is my way of playing.  And as adults when was the last time we can honestly say we stopped to play?

I did not allow myself the luxury of playing as an adult.  So tethered and busy with work as an attorney helping other people find their way out of their own self created dramas, who had time for this?  And yet it was only when my father and then mother fell ill back in Hawaii that I was forced to reassess my uber busy schedule and figure out how to run my law practice and manage my staff and assist my clients remotely while juggling responsibilities and struggling to stay afloat.  Tethered as I was to work and other obligations and hence other peoples agendas it was sucking the life out of me. 

Fast forward and all that has changed completely.  I absolutely love my life now.  My writing self is back and I feel great!  I am finally putting myself first before any other agenda, no longer losing myself to the quagmire. And for the first time in many years I am in control.  I moved from San Francisco to Florida where I met a wonderful new friend who was also embarking on a spiritual journey, played hard, went on lots of picnics, met tons of wonderful people, fed lots of birds, explored walking trails, started biking and lost 35 lbs, took classes at the local college, drove with my husband and cat across the country 6 times and did a bunch of traveling while enjoying the Florida sunshine.

So what changed?  Many of you know I am a channel and healer. But back then sucked in the corporate world as I was I ignored these gifts and abilities.  These abilities to me were nothing more than interesting parlor tricks.  Little did I know by doing this, I was actually ignoring my true calling, the purpose for which I was born on the earth plane.  But then I started listening, staying open and trusting my intuition and inner guidance.  This opened my world completely and has resulted in an 180 degree change.

“Your true mission and purpose”

My mission is quite simple.  To engage heart to heart with others, lifting and encouraging others with my light (instead of my legal prowess) for those who resonate. I do this by channeling, leading meditations, engaging in dialogues, and bringing forth messages from a collective of high vibrational angels, masters, teachers and healers of light including my own Master Guide to assist others on their path.  I also do soul trauma healing, energy work including reiki and chakra clearings.  Once I accepted my role to assist others on their journey, my life completely changed.

I have never laughed and played so hard in my life. I now fully enjoy my life, including my relationships with my friends and family (including my sister and a dear friend, with whom I talk with so often my husband commented we should all just move in together).

I am opening up more, learning and exploring more, traveling more and gaining a better understanding of humanity’s true history. Since 2021, I’ve been to Hawaii (last remnants of ancient Lemuria where I now live) a whopping six times during and since Covid, (even when it took some hurdles to jump through to get here with all the airline rules), Mount Shasta and had some amazing and eye opening experiences including seeing an other worldly being.

I’ve traveled to Peru to visit Macchu Picchu, flew over the Nazca lines, hiked the Sun Gate, saw a bunch of elongated skulls in small private museums, hiked everywhere in Cusco and Lima, and hung out with Brien Foerster.

My husband, sister and I have been to Europe twice, enjoyed Paris, Versailles, Rome and Florence and even hung out with Freddy Silva from Ancient Aliens fame traveling for a whopping 20 days throughout Egypt visiting ancient cities, temples and amazing museums while meeting many beautiful people. All on a budget and with nothing but a deep desire to go see places I have always dreamed of but blocked from coming into my life.

“Doing” vs “Being”

This is all just to say when you are in alignment with your soul, the universe provides.  Doors open.  Opportunities arise.  This requires you to be in “being” vs “doing" mode more. My guides have told me strive to be more in “being” vs “doing” mode and boy what a game changer that was!

So what’s the difference?

"Being" mode is being true to yourself, following your passion, exploring your life, taking care of and putting you first (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) and more importantly allowing yourself to let go and play, taking that leap of faith.  This is not to say you forgo all your responsibilities. You do this in spite of these commitments and watch everything go in alignment.

Conversely, “doing” mode is as I described above.  Engaging in and worse, creating a lifestyle that is driven and dominated by other people's agendas and putting yourself last.  Work, clients, family, children.  You can take care of business but it doesn’t have to dominate you nor do you need to become enslaved to it.  This is where “being” comes into play to help right your world.

“The universe reflects what you put out.”

Think of the universe as a big mirror. It merely reflects and gives back more of what you dish out.  In my case more busy-ness.  In the same way, when you choose “being” and thus going back into alignment with your higher self, that version of you that is unfettered by the 3D low vibrational “reality” we believe is gospel and our truth, the universe mirrors back to you more of the same.

“The universe provides”

The universe thus provides, supporting you and opening doors along the way that you never knew were even there.  These days, riding this wave,

I choose to work on “being” vs “doing”, enjoying the flow, staying true to my higher self and taking a huge leap of faith that all will work out. And the universe definitely provides.

So I hope you find some way to make a similar shift should your life be craving it now.  Find your passion, take a leap of faith, it will work.  Leaps of faith are necessary.

Touch the Light! ❤️

For more inspiration on living your best life, stay in touch with me and find all my SM links here!

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