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" We all seek a path to wellness, our body's natural state."

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Your Healing Journey Begins Here

Whether feeling stuck, at an impasse or unable to move forward, these are often signs of energetic blockages within our bodies and in our bioenergetic field due to past trauma, old stories, or painful events we can't seem to let go.   These blockages can negatively impact our overall physical, emotional, spiritual and auric health and well-being.   Energy healing facilitates a harmonizing process by clearing away those blockages to restore balance and a state of overall wellness.     


As an intuitive energy healer, channel, certified Soul Trauma Healer, and Reiki Master I offer contactless energy healing, spiritual counseling and guidance to aid you in gaining clarity and focus on your specific earth mission.  The team of high vibrational Angels, Archangels, Masters, Teachers, and Healers that I work with provide information and guidance of the Light.  Their love and support is boundless and can assist you no matter your situation.


"Barbara is a born healer.  I had 3 sessions so far and have made more strides and progress and was able to quickly resolve many of the issues that have been plaguing me for years.   The blockages I had lifted easily through the creative and positive suggestions recommended by my guides.  This allowed me to see results immediately and release the stress, physical pain and even emotional baggage I have been carrying.  I am beyond grateful and urge anyone to experience a session.  It can't hurt!  Thank you, Barbara!" - Malti, Santa Monica, CA 

"Simply amazing!  Barbara is a gifted intuitive and healer!  I have utilized her services for Soul Trauma Healing to resolve my feelings of recurrent anger and resentment in my relationships.  I definitely recommend her for a healing session." - Vin, Los Angeles, CA 

"During my healing which was done over the phone, Barbara was able to share with me a past life that was still impacting me today as well as access practical and actionable information directly from the healing guides to resolve my situation." 

-Sandra, Seattle, WA

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