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Sky Full of Light

Remove Energetic Blockages to Your Life Path

$175 (75 minutes)

Blockages in our life path can cause us to become stuck, feel a sense of inertia and repeat the same patterns or mistakes over and over.  With the help of the High Vibrational Angels, Masters, Teachers & Healers of the Light that I channel, they share how to transform and release the emotional blockages that keep you from taking charge of your life and advancing on your earth mission.  

Soul Trauma Healing  - Removing Old Energy Blockages 

$175 (75 minutes)

Most suffering resides in our mind where energy blocks can be held as old stories, traumas and painful events that we can’t let go. We often carry these blockages from one lifetime to the next.  These blockages can manifest as illness, emotional issues, feeling stuck, lost or unmotivated.   This powerful session will help you discover the source of the blockage, and through energy healing, help you to release the trauma and put you back onto your soul path.


Chakra Balance

$125 (50 minutes)

Just need a quick atunement?  Blocked and unbalanced chakras can affect physical and emotional health. Symptoms such as depression, lack of inspiration, low energy levels, feelings of lack of abundance, or spiritual attunement can arise from a chakra that is blocked or unbalanced.

Reiki Healing Session 

$75 (45 minutes)

 'Reiki' is a Japanese word that is translated as ‘universal life energy’.  In the Usui System of healing I work with reiki for healing of self and others.  It is safe, non-invasive and can be used to assist people, pets and animals.  During a typical distance reiki session, I focus energy which is both conscious as well as intelligent, to the areas of the body most in need.   

Each session is approximately 45 minutes. 

All sessions are done remotely. 

Spiritual & Life Coaching Session

$175 (1 hour)


Need a spiritual, life coach or mentor to talk with about changes in your life and need a safe, comfortable and yet stimulating environment?  A session will leave you with a new and positive perspective, assist you in moving past stalemates, obstacles, and stumbling blocks that may be holding you back.  

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