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CHAKRAS.  There are 7 chakras within the body upon which I focus your healing.  Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of the physical body (including your organs, glands, circulatory and musculature systems) as well as governs our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  During a typical session, I will assess for energetic blockages and with the help of master and healing guides, access information about the origins of the blockage or trauma including the lifetime in which it occurred.  More importantly we learn how it is currently affecting and/or hindering you in your present life.  Unlike regression or hypno-therapy, soul trauma healing does not require hypnosis as I channel the visions presented to me by the healing guides to facilitate healing.


We then work on clearing away those blockages, calling back the fragmented and missing soul pieces, producing a sense of healing or wholeness.  Clients leave with practical guidance and actionable steps from the guides who assist them, while feeling a sense of well-being and having gained new insights into their lives. 

SOUL TRAUMA HEALING is based on channeled messages from your healing guides and Healers of the Light.  It is a type of energy healing which involves the clearing of blockages in the body's energy systems or “chakras” caused by past life trauma.  These energetic blockages or traumas are often carried forward into the present impacting us physically, emotionally or even mentally.  Working with Angels, Masters, healing guides and teachers of the light, the negative buildup of energy is removed and any missing soul fragments are reintegrated back into the body allowing healing to occur. 

Negative energy is transmuted and soul pieces returned to the body.  Clients are encouraged to have an intention for healing.


SOUL FRAGMENT: When a soul experiences extreme fear, pain, abuse, stress or a series of smaller events that escalate, the soul instinctually splinters and flees the body to return to the shelter of the spirit realm. These soul fragments must be returned in order for you to feel fully integrated and healthy in mind, body and spirit.  



  • locating & releasing childhood and past life traumas

  • reading Akashic records

  • connecting with past lives to receive help with current life challenges

  • restoring soul energy lost during trauma.

  • Connecting with healing and spirit guides who assist you, your team in spirit

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