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A little bit about me.   I'm Vegastarchild584.  I am a heart-centered energy healer, an intuitive and spiritual coach.  I am also a wife, a daughter, a sister, a good friend, Reiki Master, a published author, and licensed and practicing Attorney.   


Like many starseeds, I come bearing gifts and interesting abilities to be in service to humanity and Gaia.  I work with a large team of high vibrational Angels, Masters, Teachers and Healers of the Light to assist star seeds along their soul path.

I was born and raised in Hawaii…a place believed to represent the last remnants of the land of Lemuria which is spoken of in many ancient cultures.  What I can say is that the heart-based spirit of Aloha is deeply embedded in this exquisitely beautiful land and is evident in the hearts of her people.  Although for many years my work has taken me far away from home, Hawaii is always in my heart. 


I enjoy collaborating with other Light workers on interesting projects and welcome an opportunity to connect with those who are called to meet and work with me.

Touch the Light! 





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