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For the keiki: “Aloha ~ I see the divine in me, I see the divine in you.”


Much like “namaste” ~ “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you”, this beautiful and profound word aloha means to recognize the divinity in everyone starting with yourself. Aloha, therefore, means to recognize we are all sparks of Source, All that Is. We are Light /Love. When one expresses and lives Aloha, one naturally comes into alignment and pono or divine right balance with all. Thus, rather than a mere greeting, it expresses a truth and consciousness, a way to truly live one’s life.


The angels and guides desire you at this time to recognize the divine in you & the divine in others. For this is how they view all from the higher frequencies. From this starting point, and higher perspective, your world will then begin to shift for the better, opening the door to new and exciting possibilities. The next time you hear the word Aloha or utter it yourself, think deeply on its true meaning and give yourself a cosmic hug. For this beautiful Hawaiian concept embodies the spirit of the divine and serves as the foundation of Hawaii’s unique Aloha spirit. But the angels and guides wish to share that it is not limited to Hawaii alone. For wherever you may reside, you, too, can live Aloha, and encourage the world right where you are to live Pono or in Divine Right Balance.

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