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Mana Aloha

For the keiki: “Mana aloha ~ I value you to the highest.”

The basis of all is mana aloha or unconditional love. It is the energy that flows and exists all around us. Yeshua came to the earth plane and successfully demonstrated the power of unconditional love in his myriad interactions with the people and his willingness to unconditionally accept all. This deep compassion is a force and energy which continues to permeate the earth plane today and is a force to be reckoned with. For its power builds and creates worlds. It is Source, All That Is.


The angels and guides are encouraging you to step up and tap into this force of Light and love at every moment and live mana aloha. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate that which you have found unforgivable or difficult to accept and bathe those situations in the higher frequencies of mana aloha (unconditional love) and light.


You can do so using the beautiful Hawaiian ritual of ho’oponopono. For when you can understand and learn to accept all things, both light and contrast, you have developed a state of life that is as vast as the cosmos which is ever expanding. Even taking baby steps in this direction will do wonders to change your own landscape. Only then can you truly begin to live like Yeshua did.

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