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APRIL 1 NEWSLETTER - Creating Light, Live Aloha and Pono, EBOOK Freebies, Contest winners + more!

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

“Create Light Where there is None & Change Your World”

I’m a big advocate of creating your reality. Literally manifesting the life you desire for yourself and by default others who see your joy when you exercise that superpower. That is, first and foremost believing that it is totally possible; second, allowing yourself to be receptive to this new reality you are creating by just letting go and getting out of the way, and finally receiving it. “The universe is abundant!” I wasn’t always this way, being left brained and all. And sometimes it’s still a struggle. More often than not I’d find myself needing to be in control and micromanaging my daily life like crazy, but yet still being dragged around by the nose by the environment, by other people and agendas that weren’t even mine. (Try checking and answering a few emails in the morning if you don’t know what I mean.) This way of life is often exhausting. The busier you are doing the mundane stuff and anything else that isn’t aligned with your true self and your idea of a great time, the more this is the case. READ MORE

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