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(North Shore, Oahu)

“Aloha! I see the divine in me, I see the divine in you!”

Recently I went to a spot on the island that is sacred to the native peoples where I live.  It is a beautiful spot high up on the North Shore of Oahu that overlooks the Pacific.  It’s  accessible off a dirt road and path and you could almost miss it if you didn’t know it was there.  The area is quite gorgeous.  

Standing amidst the sunshine, tall grass and wind, it’s easy to imagine the many people who came here in times past to offer prayers and perform ceremonies for abundance, peace and the prosperity of the land.   I gather there are many such places around the Earth where people gathered in similar fashion to offer their hopes and dreams for the future while working to better their communities.  While they are long gone, I thought…well, I’m here.  So why not….  And so, on this beautiful day, in my heart, too, I put out the intention for the happiness, prosperity, healing, and upliftment of the people all around the world.  And it felt great!       


I know there are many such places like this around the world, some maybe in your own back yard.  Why not offer your love and prayer for the betterment of this beautiful Earth and all her inhabitants.  We can all certainly benefit from it !❤️    


(Waimea Bay, Oahu)

And while you’re in the mood with all this love in your heart, be sure to give yourself a cosmic hug.

Touch the Light!



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