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AUGUST 1 NEWSLETTER: Soul Mates, Galactic Adventures and More!

Hello and welcome!

Whether you are an avid reader, fellow author, and lover of books, seeking a bit of inspiration or just stumbled onto my site and pages, it’s good to have you on board. Every few weeks I share interesting tidbits, updates, new books to peruse from fellow indie authors, and more. t’s nice to have you here!

A soul mate is someone who is most compatible with the way your soul is.”

I am a soul mate romance author. I write in the M/M historical and Sci-Fi/Metaphysical genre. I love writing about soul mates because soul mates are connected at the soul level and have a connection that goes beyond just this one lifetime. Many soul mates have experienced many lifetimes together and have traveled the galaxy on many different adventures as partners, good friends, maybe even lovers. Thus, a soul mate is one who is most compatible with the way your soul is. READ MORE

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