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Cutting Energy Ties and clearing Your Energy Field

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

(Photo credit Ryoji Iwata)

Every energy worker knows that cutting energetic ties and keeping their auric field free of other peoples energies are necessary to keep themselves and their systems in excellent working order. Those who neglect to do this soon discover how uncomfortable and heavy they soon begin to feel. Thus disciplining yourself to recognize that this is an issue and taking steps to keep your auric field clean is tantamount to Energy Work 101. It should be done every day to stay in good working order. But even if you don’t do this sort of work chances are you still have to deal with these pesky linkages.

First the Basics - What Is An Energy Tie or Cord?

We are beings of energy. Thus our energies can and do inadvertently or purposefully latch onto each other as we go through life and interact. Thus cords of energy between people can and do readily develop. Imagine interacting with someone and both of you are holding onto the end of a rope or string. Now imagine that string or rope is actually a cord of energy. The interaction ends and you both go on your merry way but forget to let go the rope. Even if the person drives across town, flies across the world or dies and crosses the rainbow bridge, you can still be energetically bound to them. Energy only changes form, thus a part of even someone who has transitioned can still be linked back to the physical world. The cords link into our energy bodies and can be anywhere.

It happens to the best of us. As we go through life and interact with others, be it with our families, our besties, going to school, the grocery store, or wherever, everyone at some point will pick up an energy tie or two or three… whenever we come in contact with others. This is different from picking up an energy hitchhiker or spirit which can be even more distressing. I am talking here about ties or bindings or bonds composed of other people’s energy that link you to the other person.

Who is Most Susceptible?

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People who do healing work including massage therapy or other discipline whether you touch clients or not often pick up a large number of energetic ties during the course of their work. But they are not the only ones. Social workers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, people who work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, the DMV, busy office environments or who deal with the public often, even those only engaging over the phone, can easily pick these up. If you have to deal with other people’s problems as part of your job, there is no question you are susceptible. Once we latch on or others latch on to us in this manner, it’s quite easy to transmit energy back and forth to each other, siphoning and feeding back and forth. And humans being fickle and emotional creatures, not all of that exchange is positive.

What are the Symptoms of Too Many Energy Ties?

Symptoms of being bogged down by energetic ties can include increased stress, anger, depression, anxiety or other health issues, financial or economic challenges, and other issues that do not belong to you and are not yours to deal with. You might get sick or feel under the weather more than usual or not feel your usual self. I often talk with clients who complain of these very issues only to find they have numerous energy ties stuck to them and many of the issues they are complaining of don’t even belong to them.

(Photo credit Yojaan Boyer)

Energetic ties don’t always come from stressful situations. They can also arise out of concern or love for another human being. The relationships we have as married couples, lovers, parents, adult children, and friends are a typical example of this. Children and young adults whose parents gravitate to being overly protective are likely energetically bogged down with their parent’s energy and their stressors. Families, couples and those living in a roommate situation have energetic ties and bindings to each other. Lovers and friends and others you hang out with regularly can also lead to these subtle linkages. Also talking about someone not present creates an energetic link right into their energy field. So beware! Whether you initiated it or not, the link is created.

Essentially when you have another’s energetic cord latched onto your energy field, it can transmit energy that is NOT your energy. And vice versa. It goes both ways. They can also siphon or bog your energy field down. You can and do unwittingly influence each other. This doesn’t mean you or they are necessarily *energy vampires if you latch onto someone else inadvertently, but essentially the result is the same. Nor am I talking about directed psychic attacks here which is another real issue people should be mindful of although less common.

*Energy vampires are people and beings who purposefully or even unconsciously drain other people’s energy. I venture to say as you read this someone you know comes to mind.

Dealing with Energy Drains

A word of advice, never, ever let anyone drain your energy either spiritually, financially or otherwise. Be aware and shut them down once you notice it happening. Putting some distance between you, setting boundaries and sticking to them, setting the intention to disallow the intrusion (because that is exactly what it is), putting yourself in a protective bubble of light and love are some quick and easy ways to put an immediate stop to this. All of these measures come from recognizing your own power within. Remember you are a spiritual being in a physical body as well!

Surrounding yourself with energetic protection before having to deal with others or entering into a stressful situation, and then making sure to sweep your field clear every single day should be done. Just as you take a bath to wash the daily grime off of your body temple, take care of yourself spiritually and energetically and cut those energy ties.

How do you Cut the Energy Ties?

My personal thought is to Go Big or Go Home. I envision using a large sword to cut those cords. Others envision a scythe, a big knife or large pair of scissors. The bigger the better and more efficient. I sometimes ask to borrow Lord Michael’s beautiful light saber when I am helping others cut cords. Cut everywhere- - in front of your chest, above your head, your sides, below your feet. And don’t forget your back!

Another tactic is to declare "My energy back to me, your (the person's name) back to you/her/him." So if I just spent time with someone named Sarah, I might say, "My energy back to me. Sarah's energy back to her" and repeat it 3 times.

Being sensitive I can usually tell when I have someone else’s stuff on me or am feeling emotions that are not my own. This usually presents as a heaviness, tenseness or weird sensation between my shoulder blades and my upper back. If you are an empath, cutting cords is something you should definitely be mindful of. I also use Himalayan salt as part of my bathing ritual by sprinkling it over myself and declaring that 'I am cutting and washing away any and all cords, ties, bindings and the like that do not serve me or are not of the highest vibration of love and light' and envision it going down the drain.

A light essential oil spray like palo santo or sage works. But you can use whatever scent resonates with you. Just set the intention that it will do the work. Your intention is key.

A word to those who are balking about cutting the energy cords of their loved ones. Cutting those ties doesn’t mean you don’t care about your family or loved one or friends. Nor does it mean you must stop associating with them. You can still care deeply about them and have meaningful interactions. But you don’t need to be bound to them energy wise. If you are, you are leaving yourself vulnerable and easily manipulated by energies that aren’t yours. Cut those cords and bathe them with love instead. Then cut the tie. Your spirit will thank you!

(Photo credit Aditya Saxena)

Cut energetic cords daily and as often as you can remember. And while you are at it remember to send out Love to the world and to the earth. We all know how much it is needed!

Touch the Light! ❤️

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