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Healing with Nature

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

A common theme I have noticed when working with clients and the healing guides (and higher vibrational beings) during Soul Trauma Healing sessions, is the guides' constant reminder and guidance for us to connect and ground with nature. Taking time to walk barefoot on the grass or if you are lucky enough to live near a beach, go walking barefoot on the sand, can do wonders for your well-being.

This simple gesture is one of the most powerful and effective means of healing we have at our disposal but often overlook. Just disconnecting from technology, putting away our distractions and e-toys, turning off the tv or walking away from our computers for just ten or twenty minutes a day to commune with nature can help us regain tremendous traction in our lives, essentially enabling us to realign ourselves with...drumroll please, ourselves. Or as the guides have expressed, it helps us get back into the more balanced state of alignment.

We experience an inner calm, perhaps one that previously escaped us in our busy lives and daily routines. Once we experience it, we naturally crave more of it and strive to experience it again. Perhaps because we intuitively know this calm, this small courtesy we are allowing ourselves , is our body's natural state.

Many of us as children ran around barefoot without a second thought. But as we grew older we moved away from doing so somehow preferring hard leather shoes (or rubber or even plastic, heaven help us!) to the earth between our toes. Walking on the grass and getting back to nature, allows us to ground with the earth as we were meant to do. Afterall, earth is home.

When we are calm and centered, our thoughts are clearer, we are better able to focus and we can have an appreciation for nature that might have previously escaped us. More importantly, per the guides, we make room for more of the same in our lives. We might even find our connection with our inner guidance and higher selves is heightened.

By grounding we can also more easily tap into the larger energetic web around us and at our disposal - the balanced energy of the earth, the universe and greater cosmos that naturally connects and sustains all life.

Meditation may not be for everyone but going out in nature and grounding in her nurturing energies can bring you much needed peace and relief. Even for the most stubborn of us.

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