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Helping Zhang Zhehan- A Message to Zhang Zhehan Fans

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

There are some people who claim to love and support actor/singer Zhang Zhehan by denying him and demanding he deny who he knows in his heart he is and yet hurt and viciously attack the person he loves. He has lamented this in his own personal essays which have since been taken down due to his being presently blacklisted. In his writings he sadly mourns that he can't say what he wishes, can't hold hands with the person he loves, and be the person he wishes to be among other heartfelt things. At this point being blacklisted isn't his only problem. It's his rabid, so called "fans".

There was a time here in the US where this sort of ridiculous oppression was rampant and there were laws prohibiting people from different races to marry and have kids. Where it was taboo to be Asian, to be gay, lesbian, transgender or just unmarried and a lifelong bachelor or bachelorette. Where women were relegated to the home, to caring only for their families and only allowed access to a few woman friendly careers as nurses and teachers and phone operators. Yeah, a few pockets of this ridiculousness still exist but it's no longer widely accepted much less enforced under the laws as it used to be.

My father married a woman of a different race and broke that barrier notwithstanding society looked down upon him and my mother. And this was decades before the civil rights movement. And no one died. In fact, others followed by example and soon even his detractors thought they were a pretty cool and interesting couple. I am also in a mixed race relationship, my husband is white and I am not. And while we occasionally see people staring at us, it is out of curiosity as to how two people from different cultures can get along. They can thank my forward thinking parents for teaching me this and making what the law, the government, even their own ignorant family members said was impossible -possible.

While not the same as being in a same sex relationship (which doesn't necessarily mean you are gay or lesbian, either, just that you find a connection with the other person who happens to be the same sex as you), the motivations behind keeping people who love each other apart are the same. Fear, ignorance and oppression.

We are taught from the time we can remember to distinguish between what our parents and generations before them were programmed to believe was "right and wrong", including socializing with people different from us. Never mind loving someone different than your own "kind" or the same sex. Which is ridiculous given we are all part of the same human "kind"or species.

So what motivates people to continue to drive wedges between each other and others when deep down even they know this truth? Hatred, racism and division are born out of ignorance and fear. And fear is nothing more than "false evidence appearing real". Thus, people are in large part throughout their lives motivated by their banal fears and ignorance to oppress others. Even well meaning people.

So I am here to ask, exactly what do the well meaning people who claim to protect Zhang Zhehan and try so hard to keep him from expressing really fear? Are you truly fearing for his safety or afraid to accept the truth? That this person loves his partner and that partner also happens to be his soul mate? This is something even he recognizes. So he and his partner have to keep playing a cat and mouse game with these fans to try to keep the peace until it's time for those fans to wake up.

If you truly wish to help this incredibly loving, kind and extremely talented artist, help and protect him to be who he truly is and gain what he truly desires in life, whatever it is. Whoever it is. Rather than spread hatred toward others much like a bunch of rabid dogs righteously clinging to misguided ideals, really LOVE your idol, from a space of unconditional love and acceptance no matter how scary it is for you. He's already told fans to do this in his many interivews, in his writings, in his songs. He's trying to help us all wake up like the ascended master he is. The love you direct at him, instead direct it to your parents and loved ones. When you do, your own life opens up and you make room for even more love in your own hearts. Otherwise that love is hypocritical which means it isn't really love but something else and it is not high vibe, either. Right now, to continue on the path you are on, especially the starseeds, is to create karma, perpetuate hatred and even violence...all under the guise of protecting another. The truth is, that's not the way to protect anyone much less yourselves. Your government will never change otherwise nor the ideals of your family or your neighbors. You are here to help create change and uplift humanity. Not create contrast and resistance. It's time to wake up.

I say free Zhang Zhehan from the bonds you have helped the government and his detractors impose upon him and that you yourselves are keeping him bound in. To love Zhang Zhehan is to fully support him and his choices, send him unconditional love and direct some your way as well. The same goes for your loved ones, your neighbors and your community. The entire country. The rest of the world will follow. Touch the Light!❤️

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