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Hold the Light and the World of Suffering and Sadness will Disappear

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

At the blink of an eye the world of suffering and sadness will disappear, transmuting darkness back to light, restoring a balance we on this earth plane have not experienced for many, many millennia.  This occurs because in part of the Light pouring in where less was experienced before, part because each individual who chooses to experience this light will also exude more light from within and radiate it outward much like a cat purring has an immediate effect on the cat and those around it.  And partly because of the great beings of Light who are already here, many also born in human form who are Ascended Masters.

Since we are here, right now, on this earth, incarnated as we are, this means we are here to also experience and participate in the raising of the earth and humanity up out of the darkness and right up there in the light.  The Web of Light and Love already exists in full force all around us. In fact it was explained to me by Yeshua during a channeling that it is the energy source that fuels and powers all things, all life.  It is Light.  And Light is unconditional love.  The explanation also came with a visual to show how expansive this web of Light is.  It is everywhere - a beautiful orange and golden web of which as long as we are alive we all have access to.

All life, all matter, all things originate from Source. Source is Light.  During a healing session in which high vibrational angels, masters and teachers of the Light were channeled, I inquired as to the nature and make up of Source, a term bandied about within spiritual communities and that some in religious circles associate with “God”.  As I feel it is important to understand to this article I transcribe that conversation directly as it came through here with the following notation:

(B = Me;  G= Guides/High vibrational Beings of Light)

B: .  [As] I was not raised in a discipline that used the word Source or God, as some use interchangeably.  What Is it?

G: Source is a word you all use to try to describe the totality of everything.  It is a point from which you all come, it is a point of light.   It is a point from which all creation stems, everything that is known in the vastly expanded universe.  It is all from Light.  Nothing is ever miscreated.  As Source/Light begins to experience itself from time to time it forgets that it is light, that it is love, that it is perfect and beautiful so it goes on a journey of remembering that it is a pure spark of divine light and love.

It is a very intense point that if any of your encasements got too close to for any experience for a period of time that was longer than about a millisecond it would overwhelm your beings.  Some of you travel there at the end of your lifetime to remember from whence you came and why you are here but when you get close to the source of creation you have a knowingness of who you are.

B: So is it a being like a he or a she?

G:  No it is light.  It is light that created everything.  That everything is created from.  It is what they’re out to explain as the Big Bang. But there was no Big Bang, only an expansion.  And as some portions got  farther away from the initial source then they begin to forget who they were and forgot how beautiful and magnificent the initial source is and that they are perfect exactly as they are and so as time goes on they get closer to the initial source and they remember from where they came the light and love that they hold and all is well.”

Source is Light.  It is the origin from which everything springs, even us.  Since nothing is ever miscreated, then all are sparks of Source.  This does not mean darkness does not exist but rather the farther such a being or thing is from Source (and this does not mean distance but rather life state) the less it remembers it’s origin is Light.  For us especially in the 3D trudging along, Life thus is but a journey of remembering.

I found listening to a beautiful song and appreciating the beauty of the words or music or composition can lift one’s heart and redirect you back to a higher mind state and consciousness, pulling you out of the slump you may have fallen into.   Have you experienced this?

Chatting and having meaningful conversations with friends, avoiding unnecessary arguments and confrontations with others looking for a fight, being conscious of one’s ego, spending time reflecting on oneself and seeking to improve where one can, grounding  to Mother Earth by walking or sitting in the grass or sand with the intention to connect, and thinking about ways to want to contribute to the well-being of others and the growing Light on earth in a meaningful way- - all contribute to the light on earth.

What I learned from all of this is that choices we make everyday contribute to our state of mind.  Will it be low or will it be high?  Thus making a conscious choice to raise one’s vibe is critical to sculpting the kind of life state and consciousness one wishes to enjoy.  Just as eating unhealthfully can lead to poor consequences for our bodies and minds, causing physical and chemical imbalances, our life choices — choosing Light, to experience light, to be a part of it and spreading it, enables us to actually plug into and live in the higher frequencies that are already here, and at our immediate disposal to enjoy.  And enjoy you will!

You will notice an immediate difference in your day, your outlook and your life.  You will begin to appreciate the beauty that is all around you a little more, perhaps even noticing the smallest flower amongst the weeds; a bounce in your step that was missing before, and/or feel the desire to suddenly play like the child you once were welling up within.  Simple and conscious choices and adjustments to your daily routine can lead to big payoffs and life long changes allowing you to watch your happiness meter go up in measure. Try it. I dare you!

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