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Light Love Source ❤️

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Since awakening to my true earth mission, I have been on an exhilarating journey of self discovery. This journey has led me to devour books on a variety of spiritual fronts, engage in warm dialogue with many people around the globe, and meet teachers and various healers and even other channels from all walks of life. All speak of this most auspicious time that we are in.

Ancient cultures led by wisdom keepers around the world refer to this age as the Great Shift. Others call it Ascension. Still others speak of humanity’s time of Upliftment. All refer to this being a time of great Light. A time when the darkness we have been mired in is transmuted back to Light, restoring a balance we on this earth plane have not experienced in many, many millennia. Many ancient cultures say not since the great fall of Atlantis some 13,000 years ago.

It is also said that we will witness a time when in the blink of an eye the world of suffering and sadness as we know it will disappear, and Light pours in. I believe that time is Now. For Light and a lot of assistance from the unseen realm has been pouring in.

Light? What Light? Over the past several years scientists have been monitoring our sun yet unable to explain the sudden increase of massive solar flares resembling erupting volcanoes in the last decade. These solar flares are increasing in intensity and frequency baffling scientists. But ask any wisdom keeper or shaman and they will tell you that we are in a time that their ancestors often spoke of, passing down the ancient knowledge as taught them by their great ancestors and teachers of the Light. In short, we are witnessing the great transfiguration of our galaxy’s massive star into even higher frequencies. As our sun gives off Light raising in frequency, the entire Galaxy and all life moves up an octave along with it.

What powers this Light? It is none other than Source. The point of origin from which all stems.

Source is Light

Source is a word we use to try to describe the totality of everything. It is in fact a point from which we all come, a point of light. It is a point from which all creation stems, everything that is known in the vastly expanded universe. It is all from Light. Nothing is ever miscreated. As Source/Light begins to experience itself from time to time it forgets that it is light, that it is love, that it is perfect and beautiful so it goes on a journey of remembering that it is a pure spark of divine light and love.

Thus, Source is Light. It is the origin from which everything springs, even us. Since nothing is ever miscreated, then we are all sparks of Source. This does not mean darkness does not exist but rather the farther such a being or thing is from Source (and this does not mean distance but rather life state) the less it remembers it’s origin is Light. For us especially in the 3D trudging along, Life then becomes a journey of remembering we are Light.

I have since learned from various teachers and Masters during my work, that Light is Love.

Conversation with Yeshua

During a channeling with a group called the Council of Light, Master Yeshua came through. I jumped at the opportunity to ask this Great Teacher about a subject that is often also highly misunderstood on earth. What exactly is Love? He explained that (Unconditional) Love is the energy source that fuels and powers all things, all of life. It is Light. (The explanation also came with a stunning visual as I was channeling — a beautiful orange and golden web of intense light all around me and as far as the eye could see). It is everywhere and is thus the engine that powers all life, all matter, all of creation.

What a beautiful explanation. Thus it is an essential element to life itself. And the Love Yeshua sent forth on earth during his time to all life, to all of humanity still exists today embodied in this web of Light surrounding earth. Surrounding us.

So How Can We Experience this Light/Love In Our Present Lives?

Whether you live a life of ease and grace or are presently mired in deep suffering, understand the Light is readily available to you right where you are. Here are some simple ways you can let it flow into your life. (The key is Flow.)

I found listening to a beautiful song and appreciating the beauty of the words or music or composition can lift my heart and redirect me back to a higher mind state and consciousness, pulling me out of any slump I may have fallen into. This is because music is a vibration. Even a sad love song can be uplifting to sing because the deep emotion reflects and is born of a greater desire for love (which is a high frequency vibe and expansive) and to connect. Of course the life state of the artist which is an energy is also important because it is often conveyed through their music.

Also , engaging in meaningful dialogue with friends, while avoiding unnecessary arguments and confrontations with those just looking for a fight is another way to raise your own vibration. Reading books in the subject of raising your consciousness, reading about others experiences is also an enlightening way to connect to the web of Light. The more you learn, the greater your ability to discern what resonates with you. This is a massive plus!

My personal favorite is spending time away from my phone and distractions for 15 or 20 minutes to reflect or quiet my mind. I have found with practice it is easier to enter a meditative state which can more easily connect you to the higher frequencies. Grounding to Mother Earth is another way to tap in to the Light. This is easily accomplished by walking or sitting in the grass or sand, swimming in nature or at the beach, gardening, touching the ground, etc. with the intention to connect, clear your energies, or just reflect. Meditation is good too! I hear a lot of people say it’s difficult to meditate. Meditation can be as easy as letting your mind wander freely. If you can imagine, you can meditate. Try guided meditations which make use of your imagination in fun yet meaningful ways allowing you to tap into the Light within more easily. Check out the Free Guided Meditations available here.

Be Mindful of the Choices You Make

The choices we make everyday contribute to our state of mind. Will it be low or will it be high? You decide. Just as eating unhealthfully can lead to poor consequences for our bodies and minds, causing physical and chemical imbalances, our life choices — choosing Light, to experience and even contribute to the Light, enables us to plug into and enjoy the higher frequencies that are already here, and at our immediate disposal to enjoy.

You will notice an immediate difference in your day, your outlook and your life. You will begin to appreciate the beauty that is all around you a little more, perhaps even noticing the smallest flower amongst the weeds, how the squirrels play and chase each other happily, a bounce in your step that was missing before, and/or feel the desire to suddenly play like the child you once were welling up within. Simple and conscious choices and adjustments to your daily routine can lead to big payoffs and life long changes allowing you to watch your happiness meter go up in measure. This is you touching the Light! ❤️

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