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Wisdoms shared by the Guides -The Missing and Found Apple Earbud

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The following funny and enlightening conversation arose with the high vibrational beings I work with surrounding a misplaced item (an Apple Earbud).

I had misplaced the earbud a few months back and knowing how expensive those little things are, I decided to ask for help in getting it back. I had asked the guides to assist me as despite my best efforts to retrace my steps to where I had seen it last, zippo. Nada.

Well, recently it literally appeared out of nowhere. This is what they said in the wake of me dancing around with amazement.

G: We want you to know that we are always near and we are capable of doing things that appear to you as amazing.

We do this as a demonstration so you understand how we work and what we are capable of doing in service to you and others.

Thus there is no need to worry unnecessarily for things living in the future as so many of you do.  You just need ask and we respond.

Me:  what about in the event of a thing a bit more urgent?

G: We are capable of responding accordingly.   In this exercise (lesson) we wish to demonstrate that often whether a situation is urgent or not is usually dependent upon the level of fear that you are capable of generating around the situation.  We speak in terms of abundance. As this seems to create fear in most humans.

Me: Yes. It is a feeling that is hard to shake.  Is this why some homeless people chose that lesson?  The sense of urgency behind some things for them such as eating, bathroom and shelter seem always to be an issue on a daily basis.  This seems scary to me.

G: Yes but not all walk about looking frightened or experiencing such fear. Many have mastered that lesson.  In their case other matters more pressing to them are at issue for instance how others perceive and will receive them as they ask for help or walk around, loneliness, wishing to belong, issues with family, their health, and many others.

The point we wish to make is that manifestation is easy for us and it can also be easy for you. You have myriad angels and teachers and masters and other guides who are always near you and available and readily desiring to assist.  All you need do is ask.

Your abundance is guaranteed.  It is who you are. There is no need for you or anyone to worry about such matters. It is a nonissue. We wish you to understand this point.

Release the blockage around this. Your ability to do so will pave the way to assisting many others in so many ways who are on their spiritual path (we use this term loosely as you understand the path is not necessarily a spiritual one but rather a life path).  The path one chooses to walk.

Me:  Yes spiritual is the term we use when trying to describe a concept that is not as clear to understand and many faceted and floaty that seems like religion but isn’t.

There isn’t a need to label it spiritual but rather just a life path. You are capable of doing many things.

Me:  I still have a hard time believing that my earbud was just there!

G: We put it there.


G: Children because of their high vibration are easy for us to channel through.

(On the topic of life and walking a path of inner peace).

G: Navigate navigate.

G: You can meditate anywhere and connect with Gaia and the angels.  You can meditate and connect with Gaia in prison just as easily as you can connect with her and the angels in a park.  The setting doesn’t really matter.  What matters is the instrument — you.

G: Baby steps, baby steps before you can walk you crawl and walk before running.  In the end as long as you walk, run, or crawl, keep moving.

We wish to disavow you of dogma. Simplify things. It’s  just a matter of flow.  Like jumping into a pool of flowing water and going with the flow.  You can dog paddle, thrash about treading water or you can float.  We can help with whatever way you chose to ride the flow but it’s easier for you to just flow or float along.

(I received an image in my head from an anime show I am currently watching called Thousand Autumns.)

G: You see that Daoist guy? (From Thousand Autumns - Shen Qiao)?

(Photo Courtesy of Youku)

Me:  Yes

G: He floats.  He has found a way using his Daoist spirit (just a way to view life and not really magic) and propensity for good to navigate the treacherous waters he is in. He even aligns himself with someone others consider as the King of Evils (Yan Wushi). He is someone the others fear and although he is quite formidable, he nonetheless cares for the Daoist guy Shen Qiao and helps him to survive.  They help and teach each other and both are adjusting themselves as they go along while sticking to the teachings they follow at their core. 

G: This is expert navigation.  Your Buddhist teacher Nichiren (I was raised Buddhist) did the same during his time using the teachings of serenity and the Middle way of the Buddha Siddhartha.

This is what all are fully capable of now.

G: People can thrash about in life and still get where they need to go but it’s much better to float through life and get there refreshed, calm, beautiful and looking put together as it encourages more people. Meditation and inner contemplation can assist people in doing this.

G: It’s not so much a way of “doing” life as a way of life period.  When you see life a certain way, you are able to move accordingly.  It requires doing very little but navigate with the wisdoms you have been taught and that are innate.


The moral of the story is that our spiritual guidance team is always ready and available to assist us but they also wish us to know we can do what they can do as well when we reclaim our multidimensional selves (a merging of our 3D selves with our higher selves). Once we learn to do this we become expert navigators in life and on this earth plane. We can also teach and encourage others. How can we do this? For starters, meditate and go within.

Touch the Light! ❤️❤️❤️

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