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10 Ways To Quickly Find Calm During Times of Stress

After years of working in the legal field and dealing with stress every day, here are 10 fail-safe ways to help reclaim your inner peace and a higher state of resonance in a pinch.

1. Listen to calming music. There is a reason why luxury spas play quiet meditative music for its clients. It puts you in an altered state of mind making you more receptive to the healing you are about to receive. I am much more productive when listening to calming music while doing busy work and like to have a few solid tracks readily on hand on my phone or a music app like SoundCloud or even Youtube. There are plenty of great royalty free meditation or other calming music available. Music for Body & Spirit is my personal favorite. But there are plenty of others like Aroshanti and Purple Planet Music

2. Remove yourself from the stressful situation. This may be a no-brainer but it's surprising how often we stay put and endure thinking it will pass when we would be better served by taking a quick break, distancing ourselves as much as possible to regroup and allow our body and mind to return to a calmer state.

3. Go walk barefoot in the grass, dirt, sand or if you can tolerate it, briefly in the snow. There is much to be said about making a direct connection to Mother earth to bring you back to center. There is a great deal of science to back it up as well. For starters, check out The Earthing Movie . You'll become a believer. 4. Breath...slowly.... When you slow your breath, your mind follows suit generating instant calm. Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest QiGong shared that years ago a famous baseball player told him that when a ball was flying towards him at 50 miles or 70 miles per hour, he was able to slow his breathing down. This enabled him to take the action that was needed and even see the spin of the ball as it approached. Taking conscious, slow and deep breaths is a quick and easily accessible way to heightened your perception and regain clarity. Adding the visual of inhaling healing white light and feeling it fill my entire body, then exhaling the stress and misaligned energies back to love and light has been a game changer for me. Do this for a few minutes as a gift to yourself and observe how you feel. 5. Close your eyes and imagine a swinging pendulum or stopwatch or a metronome, even, moving side to side that slowly comes to rest at center. Allow yourself to go quiet. Envision following the movement with your eyes until it rests at still point. You will find more than just your perception becoming centered. Remember not to do this while driving or engaged in any activity that requires that you be alert.

6. Sit on the floor in the dark. This weird but brief escape offered plenty of respite when I worked in busy downtown San Francisco Financial district. When things got too crazy, I'd shut my office door, cut the lights and sit or lay on the floor. This also has the effect of instantly grounding you. If it worked for me 12 stories up wearing a business suit, it can work for you. Don't have an office? Find a similar escape, even under a desk. 7. Call someone and vent. Let them know you are just having a stressful day and needed someone to talk with. Trust me, we've all been there. Sometimes just knowing another human being hears you is enough. 8. Hum to yourself. My father often hummed to himself while I was growing up. But then again raising 4 small children 2 years apart in a little house, we were lucky he wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs. Humming is actually a holistic way to retune your body to its natural resonance.

9. Meditate regularly. This will help you naturally reduce stress and avoid stressful situations from becoming too overwhelming. Meditation is a practice that even after a short while has plenty of benefits you can experience right away. Whether sitting in quiet contemplation, going on a fantastic inner journey with guided meditation or just listening to music and doing nothing, meditation is a powerful tool to help you stay grounded, and return to a more balanced state of mind. Find a few free meditations on my website here. 10. Go for a long walk and enjoy the sights. Inevitably, whatever stress you were laboring under will loosen its grip on you, allowing you to build on the resulting calm. Use that opportunity wisely and build on it. These are just a few of my favorites which I have found most helpful in reclaiming my sovereignty back and doing the healing work. But I'd love to hear what works for you to find inner peace and calm. Leave a comment below.

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