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Do You See the Difference?

Photo credit: original poster

The other day I saw this lovely post below on FB. Followed by an interesting comment that led to an exchange between the poster and commenter. Can you see the difference?

(I’ve obscured the names to protect the privacy of the commenter and poster as this is from a private FB group chat.)

Photo/comment credit: Original poster

Photo/comment credit: Original poster/commenter

One brother is thinking very rationally and logically and more importantly linearly as we have all been taught. The other brother has transcended all that. Having been the guy posting as the commenter for far too long, I now see the ease and grace of living as the original poster.

Photo credit: Vegastarchild584

Being a highly rational and analytical person, my tendency is to think A+B = C, not Z. But as I continue to remember my true self and why I chose to incarnate here at this time, I find myself understanding A+B = J or M or A or even Z and everything in between. We are boundless and limitless and the only thing that limits us truly is ourselves. Our own beliefs. Thankfully our beliefs can be molded, refined, tossed out, exchanged and made more clear and in alignment with the Light, allowing us to live in balance with All That Is, with each other, and more importantly with ourselves just like Buddha and all the other great sages who walked the Earth to teach and help others. Whether Buddha, like some of us struggled to comprehend that which perhaps the original poster has already come to understand, or he arrived on Earth that way, in the end, doesn't all that really matter is where Sidhartha ended up on his journey of self discovery and enlightenment? It's not a race after all, but a journey of remembrance.

Tell me your thoughts. Have you made the leap, too? If so, how so? If not, has your life been easier or a bit of a struggle? What are some of the things holding you back from the things and life you desire? Do share as we all learn from each other. You never know when something you share helps light the way for another. And by all means do base your words in love and Light.

Until next time! Aloha! ❤️🙏🏾

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