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September 1 Newsletter, Clearing Out Old Energies, Freebies, BookSales + More

Can you believe it’s already September?  I hope you have made it a point this year to play hard and enjoy your lives to the fullest, tried something new, or traveled and explored places you’ve never been before.  It’s how to stay sane and live large! I know many around the world have had to brace for and deal with inclement weather, record heatwaves and devastating (and suspicious) “wildfires” like in Maui that have you scratching your heads and yelling “what the heck is going on?!”

Well, despite the apparent chaos and unrest, we are most definitely moving up into the higher vibrations, clearing away a lot of the old, dense, and lower vibing stuff despite appearances.  I talk a lot about this stuff and more and even provide some levity..Read More...

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